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My Journey Through Art

"Making a difference starts at home..."



I have always seen the potential in an object. As far back as I can remember, it was extremely gratifying being creative. I can remember being in awe in a simple object as a branch, leaf, or wildlife. As I advanced through the years it would be my emotions about life that would inspire me the most.


My father, a film editor for Disney, Paramount, and finally Universal, was a huge influence in my life being that he instilled in us a love for classical music, opera, and movies. My mother an artist herself also had a huge influence in my creative journey. She sewed, painted, embroidered, gardened, and instilled in us a love for nature!


My sister and I spent many hours practicing our instruments. She played the clarinet and I played the flute. She worked with clay and I worked with watercolors, charcoals, & pastels.  We encouraged, admired, and pushed each other to keep up with our creative side. We were each others biggest fans!  


All that I have mastered and learned as an artist has been 

through hard work, study, and talented friends around me that shared their skills and talents! I am a fan of workshops and have listed some that I have had the privilege of learning from. 


It has been a privilege to be mentored in skills such as

wheel throwing, glass blowing, welding, Raku, lime/marble 

based plasters, soy resins/recycled glass, and much more. 

Current works are paintings & Murals exclusively using aged slaked lime/marble based plasters.....and clay paints. 


If you are interested in attending my next art show 

please email me on my contact page and let me know 

what your interests are.


Thank you so much for visiting my website! I look forward 

to meeting you soon.


**Watercolor workshops:

       Johannes Vloothuis

       Lian Quan Zhen

       Elizabeth Tyler

       Mika Törönen


**Wheel throwing workshops and online lessons:

       Daniel Soderstrom=Techniques in throwing off the 


       Joe Christensen=Throwing Large vessels


****WAC-The World Artists Contest is an effort to 

promote both known and unknown works of all 

mediums and styles to a global audience. The 

end result will be gathering a group of amazing 

artists for The Malpais International Art Show 

held annually in May of each year with the first 

annual show in May of 2012.


*Member of the American Watercolor Society

*National Watercolor Society

*Member of the International Watercolor Society

*Active participant in (WOAC) Work of Art Contest

*Member of (WAC) World Artist Contest (see below)

*Trained by Yolette Serna and Lisa @Vero in Natural          Cotton plasters. Plasters; Venetian Plaster; and Marmarino 

*Trained by Chris Wallner Clay Paints/Soy Resin-Glass

*Workshops in watercolors and wheel throwing (see list 

     at end of page)



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